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CYMExpress Newsletter

October 2012
    Another successful CYMDIST-CYMTCC Users Group
    CYMCAP Users Group and Workshop - A great event
    Upcoming CYME 7: Keeping in sync with the needs of the industry

May 2012
    One-day Workshop on Distribution Overcurrent Protection and Coordination
    CYME and CYMCAP at CIGRÉ Next August
    New Modeling and Calculation Features in CYMCAP/RTTR
    New CYME Volt-Var Optimization module
    About CYMDIST Server

February 2012
    Don’t Miss the Next CYME Users Group !
    Learn More About the CYME Software
    CYME 5.04 New and Improved Features
    Optimize your Grounding Grid Design with Accurate Results

September 2011
    Distribution Engineering Planning Solution for Pacific Gas & Electric
    Understanding the Impact of Distributed Energy Resources on Distribution Systems
    Design and Study Transmission Networks with CYME

February 2011
    The 15th edition of the Annual CYME Users Group
    Seminar on Global Power Quality Volt/Var Regulation
    New Options to Assess the Thermal Resistance of Unfilled Troughs
    The CYME Power Engineering Software for 2011

May 2010
    Seminar : Arc Flash Hazards in Distribution Systems
    CYME Solutions for the Great DG Challenge
    Low Voltage Analysis: Load Flow and Contingency in Secondary Networks Analysis
    Upcoming CYME Web Seminars

January 2010
    Mark your calendar for the 2010 CYME Users Group Activities!
    Time-Current Curves Integrated with the CYMDIST Application
    Beyond the Software Business: Engineering Consulting Services
    Learn about our Software: CYME Web Seminars

October 2009
    CYME 2009 Users Group - Another Great Year!
    CYME 5.0 for Industrial Power Analysis
    Flexible Protection Coordination with CYMTCC

May 2009
    Seminar: Impact of the Smart Grid on Distribution Networks
    An Energy Efficiency Project for a Distribution Network
    An Integrated Platform for your Power Engineering Simulations

January 2009
    CYME Joins Cooper Power Systems
    CYME Users Group 2009 – Continuing the Tradition
    CYMDIST 5.0 to be Released this Quarter
    Announcing Three New Modules for CYMCAP in 2009

November 2008
    CYME Users Group 2008: Relevant and Effective
    Static and Dynamic Motor Starting Analysis for Distribution
    Simulate Harmonics Directly on your Distribution System Model

August 2008
    CYME Users Group 2008: Relevant and Effective
    Accurate Time-range Load Flow Analysis

January 2008
    Get Ready for Another Great Users Group Conference in June 2008
    CYMDIST 4.8 to be Released Early This Year
    CYMCAP 5.01 is now available
    Required to Perform Arc Flash Simulations on your Distribution Network?

September 2007
    CYME Users Group 2007 : Another Great Conference
    Essential Analytical Tools—Temperature and Magnetic Fields

May 2007
    New in CYMDIST: Simulation of Dynamic Behavior of Distribution Systems with Distributed Generation
    Case Studies: Dynamic Behavior of Distribution Systems with DG
    Quickly Set Up and Run Electromagnetic Transient Analyses

January 2007
    Mark your calendars for the CYME Users Group 2007 !
    CYME to Conduct a Major Distribution System Study for Inland Power and Light Company
    CYMCAP Cables in Tunnels
    Introducing CYMDIST 4.7

September 2006
    CYME Users Group 2006: An Overall Success !
    Model the Wind Turbines in your Networks
    CYMCAP Version 4.3 Released
    Modeling of Distributed Generation in Distribution Systems: Power Flow and Short-Circuit Studies

April 2006
    The 2006 CYME Users Group Now Open for Registration !
    Arc Flash Hazard: Security Issues
    Cable Historical Operating Temperature Estimation
    A Long-Term Perspective on your Network Growth

December 2005
    Distribution Network Data at your Service !
    Intelligent Breaker Rating Analysis
    Short-Circuit Rating for Cables: Convenient Adiabatic and Non-Adiabatic Calculations
    Distribution Network Analysis: Relevance without Speculation

September 2005
    CYME Users Group 2005: Close Encounter with the Best Kind
    The Right Tool for all your Load Flow Simulation Needs
    CYMCAP—Version 4.1 Released in August 2005
    Power System Reliability: Reach Efficient Solutions

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