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CYME Server
Real-Time Engineering Analysis

CYME Server brings CYME network model and analysis engines into your IT environment to facilitate the widespread and efficient use of this powerful engineering analysis tool. These advanced applications allow system operators to respond quickly and decisively to changing network conditions and threats while driving significant improvements in network efficiency and reliability.

Imagine the possibilities with CYME Server

Based on the same proven, robust CYME network model and analysis engines in use by hundreds of utilities around the world, the CYME Server solution is designed to be fully integrated into the smart utility enterprise.

The CYME Server solution enables a large number of users to simultaneously and concurrently perform CYME simulation requests from various client applications; DMS, OMS, EMS, SCADA, GIS, etc. Unbalanced load flow, detailed short-circuit, protection scheme validation are only examples of analysis that can be performed to provide accurate meaningful results in near real-time.

CYME Server is a complete Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution which offers real-time network analysis with powerful CYME simulation engines.

As a hardware-independent solution, CYME Server can be embedded into your enterprise applications in a seamless manner. It can be deployed as a client/server solution, as a web-based tool on your intranet, as an application service provider (ASP) or as a web service.

Key IT Features include:

  • Distributed computing
  • Loose coupling with SOA services
  • Network transparency
  • Access control
  • Asynchronous processing
  • 24/7 Availability

Integrating the CYME Server solution into your enterprise system will make thirty years of electrical power engineering simulation experience available to any member of your organization. As simulation requests are received, the CYME Server processes resolve the simulations speedily, and is able to deliver the results in off-line, near real-time and real-time operation modes. Information sharing is simplified to allow better interaction between end-users. Furthermore, operators will be able to make informed real-time decisions.

A system of scalability, flexibility and reliability

The CYME Server solution employs state-of-the-art calculation algorithms to meet your simulation needs.

Management tools are provided to support analyses such as:

  • Balanced and unbalanced load flow
  • Detailed three phase and single phase fault calculations
  • State estimation / Load allocation
  • Protection scheme validation
  • Voltage optimization
  • Load balancing, loss reduction
  • Integrated Volt/VAR Control (IVVC) simulation and validation
  • Contingency analysis and service restoration
  • Reliability analysis

As your GIS specialists, network operators and engineers launch the CYME Server solution within your preferred DMS, GIS, CAD, OMS, EMS or SCADA system, CYME Server works only with one single central database shared by your different departments, or can work with autonomous XML based study files. The architecture can accommodate the needs of today and the growth of tomorrow, while keeping the system administration simple and low-cost.

The intelligent use of resources, the cutting-edge calculations, and the availability of information brought by the CYME Server solution makes it the efficient and ideal solution for your company’s working smart approach.
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